Top 4 things that should never buy at thrift store

By | January 21, 2020

Who else doesn’t like to save money and for home renovation, we used to head towards thrift store? These stores used to have all type of things that can spruce up our home but we need to be a bit conscious while buying things at a thrift store. There is no harm in it to buy things from the thrift store. Majority interior designers always said don’t spend too much over interior design things when you can easily have everything at good rates at thrift stores. Here in this blog, we are going to tell you what shouldn’t be bought at discount markets.

Painted Dishware items

You may get everything at a discounted rate in thrift stores and there is a huge variety of dyed dishware items as well that is not suggested to everyone at all. Usually, old items are re-painted to give a vintage look that got fade soon. It also has been seen in the case of vintage dishware that contains lead which is harmful to you to eat whatever in it.


Well, you may find comfy shoes at the thrift store but we don’t want you to buy those footwears because shoes vary from person to person and depend on the comfortability level so that can make you uncomfortable. Never go for this to buy shoes at thrift stores.

Small Appliances

It has been seen different kitchen appliances are purchased at thrift stores. Never buy blenders and other kitchen appliances because they are not even in warranty and might need a thousand repairs. You will waste money and it won’t work out for you. Usually, to decorate the kitchen, interior designers are suggesting people to spruce up the kitchen with high-end appliances and to achieve that look people go to the thrift store for getting their hands-on to lush appliances. Interior designers in Bournemouth recommend people to go for only those appliances that are in warranty. It is hard to find but you can give a try.

Car Seats

 Child car seats should be worth spending when it comes to their safety. Never buy this secondhand because you never know about its integrity and this is not a thing to compromise. The old seat might have passed its expiration date and plastic used in a car seat are also degraded. It won’t meet the safety standards so never buy these things for the home.

These things shouldn’t be bought at the thrift store because we don’t want you to spend too much money for the sake of appearance or other features. Expert interior designers in Bournemouth are recommending their clients to go for only those items that can enhance the appearance of your home. Never spend too much on used items because it doesn’t work out for everyone.