Top 5 picks interior designer Paint colors for room

By | March 12, 2020

If you think your styling sense is up to the mark then you can carry on with your own choice paint colours but interior designers play an important role. They help you out in sprucing up the appearance of the room. Here in this blog, we are going to share interior designer choice paint colours for your room. It would be good that you would get to know about their top suggestions. Take a look and do let us know what they have chosen for you.

Icy Blue Color

 Blue is the favourite of so many people and icy blue colour is the top pick of every interior designers these days. It gives a soothing touch to space and you would love this one. I just opted icy blue colour this year for my room and trust me it has changed the style game for my room.

Soft yellow

 Soft yellow is another beautiful colour for front doors and kitchen but expert interior designers in Poole always prefer this for the bedroom as well because it reflects the light very well and won’t be bright enough. You can coordinate multiple colours with the soft yellow. Such soft patterned colours look amazing for the room.

Bright red

 If you want to give your room a romantic touch then bright red would give you the desired look and it won’t be stinging. Red wall colour can be paired with black or white touch. It brings out the appearance and you can go for it. Dining rooms usually have red paint but would suits best for rooms as well.

Chocolate brown

 Accent walls are common and if you paint the wall of your room with chocolate brown and others should be of soft colour then the final look will be stunning. If one wall is painted with chocolate brown then other should be of soft neutral colour.

Creamy Caramel

 People who are obsessed with light colours and they want to complement their walls with a creamy touch then creamy caramel is the one that will perk up your space. Interior designers in Poole always suggest soft colours with a combination of other tones.

These colours are the top pick of interior designers. Do let us know what is your favourite and how you people going to adorn your space with a good selection of paints. Trust me it gives a fabulous appearance and would be an inspiration for others as well.